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Ted Collier (b. 1974) is an American contemporary artist and painter best known for his abstract works derived from observable patterns found in nature. Making references to minimalism and the De Stijl movement, Collier responds to the daily inundation of faux realism in the form of advertising and social media, reducing his environments to their essential forms and colors. Finding inspiration in the world around him, his paintings are influenced by abstractions of mental snapshots that have evolved over time – simplifying memories and experiences into geometric compositions that contain a universality within each piece.

Though Ted has been painting since his childhood, his career as an artist began in St Louis Missouri in 2008 after the financial crash and recession. Leaving behind a 15 year career in real estate and working odd end jobs in construction, he returned to art by sourcing materials such as plywood and extra house paint to create his first


  • 2019 Solo Show “Uncircled” at Maune Contemporary in Atlanta Georgia
  • 2019 Group Show “Forces” at Tambaran 2 Gallery in New York City